Since the end of the covenant between dragons and men, the world has seen great change. Where there was once a balance, and control of the forces of the great creatures of the sky, there is now only turmoil and distrust. The dark dragons have seized control of the southern islands of Drakkos and have teamed with the evil dracans who live there, and have begun their advance against their brothers in northern Drakkos. This includes fighting against the draconic church, also known as the Knights of Drakkos. It is this reason why the Knights of Drakkos have sought aid from the countries to their north, mainly Mycersyn and Skalban. The king of Skalban has accepted the treaty with Northern Drakkos, and with the aid of a few goodly dragons who remained after the end of the covenant, the new triad has been formed, the Dragon Knights. So it would seem that the new name for this time is in fact a fallacy, for there is no rest of the dragons, even though Dragonest has begun.

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Identity of the Moneylender, 24 Dracarr 3008 (12-5-2018)
Seeing the minotaur passing through town, the party decides to confront her. She is less than forthcoming with information until the party uses their best words to convince her to divulge a list containing the names and amounts of the people who owe her boss. Heading over to Pa Kobain's house reveals that he borrowed 2,000 gold to bring his dead son back from monster status. The deal was made with the necromancer, and Pa is now a bloodsucker. He runs to his room to avoid bleeding out his grandson and his friends.

A trip to speak with the mayor reveals that his loan of 20,000 was to bribe the chancellor of Northern Dragar for his position in Brasov. The moneylender was set up between the chancellor and the mayor, his name divulged as Jonathon Haldurn who happens to be Felthan Crendraven's uncle. The mayor is broke otherwise and cannot conceive even paying back the loan he secured for his position in Brasov.

A trip to the stable to confront Petr Rasov finds him dead, throat slit, and laying on the floor of his house. The boy Ivan is nowhere to be found. However, Vurcin takes advantage of a chest in the corner finding another copy of the Tome of Shadows and quickly pockets it describing it to the party as "a book of herbs". Felthan is quite convinced that the druid is lying and has a hard time not returning to questioning the mischievous rogue want-to-be about the book he boonswaggled away.

The Van Halfling's took out a loan to cover their parent's funeral costs and to fix up their business after they were killed. Times were tough.

Speaking with the stonemason, John Smith claims that he borrowed money to build a mission somewhere in Northern Dragar for the needy, needing the money for the project. But it turns out he in fact has a gambling and prostitution addiction and the money went to those projects instead.

Everyone the party has spoken to seems to have a legitimate loan so far, with nothing really amiss besides some ill-made choices.
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Attack Against the Southern Camp, 23 Dracarr 3008 (11-28-2018)
After leaving the Northern Camp to confront the ousted werewolves still worshiping the Darkness in the southern camp, the party finds the camp desolate. A few dead bodies left ravaged, laying around giving sign that a foul attack by werewolves has destroyed Madame Vilsa's people. A faint call for help can be heard coming from her hut. Investigating, the party finds Madame Vilsa clinging to life, but the seer is barely scathed and a small heal from Korgan Kobain brings her back. She explains that werewolves did in fact attack the camp and preparations are made to burn the bodies and any valuables are taken by the old woman, loaded into her cart. She plans to head to Brasov to stay with her niece Lisa. She gives the adventurers another reading, even more cryptic than the last before the group heads out. Madame Vilsa describes that her medallion protects her from dark powers, like Korgan's medallion which is not a simple consolation prize but a powerful artifact which symbolizes a hereditary protection from creatures of dark design. This information is contrary to Barnabus' description of the medallion. No signs of Randy's body is found in the camp, and it is believed that he may have been part of the attack. Barefoot humanoid tracks lead back into the woods towards the camp to the north.

On the way to Brasov, the two day journey requires the group to rest on the road for the night. Signs of spider infestation within the woods coats the forest in white webbing as far as their eyes can see. But, they escape any attack through careful watch, and keeping a campfire stoked throughout the night. Upon reaching Brasov the next day, an investigation of the church shows signs of near completion but the facade is coated in the mischievous defamation from pranksters over Hallow Falls' Night of Mischief. Korgan cleans up the church and the party decides what to do next. It is agreed that approaching the Count would be a bad idea right now, due to failing to destroy the werewolf camp. Madame Vilsa heads to her niece's shop bidding the adventurers a farewell.

Madame Vilsa's Second Reading

Past- Innocent
Present- Charlatan
Future- Darklord

Past- Dictator
Present- Evoker
Future- Druid

Past- Abjurer
Present- Swashbuckler
Future- Warrior

Past- Rogue
Present- Darklord
Future- Healer

Past- Necromancer
Present- Mist
Future- Myrmidon

The Goal- Bishop
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Prophecy, 21 Dracarr 3008 (11-15-2018)
A continuation of the battle between Octavia, the slaves, Dorn, and Felthan disguised as Gahri seems to continue as show until Octavia lands a real bite upon Dorn's arm.

Upon biting Dorn, the shaman is thrown backwards against the wall of the pit. She wriggles in agony as the amulet against Dorn’s chest flares with a fiery light. Pain courses through his arm as black, wispy tendrils crawl through his flesh. Blackened blood coursing through his veins, showing through his pale skin. The pain is like nothing he’s felt. The shaman changes back to human grasping at the air as the wolf leaves her. Barnabus screams out, “what have you done sister! This was to be only show, you knew not to bite him for the amulet protects him and for one of us to do so would mean our death.” Octavia in her last moments, as she clings to her life says, “Brother, I have never left him, the Dark Lord willed it and the prophecy be done. A child of bird and shadow light, masked in stone, adorned with a silver icon of a beast, and bitten by a the devout of darkness shall change this world forever. As it is marked on the unholy tablet beneath the ancient ash. I have sacrificed myself to begin his will. The next blood moon shall reveal his creature, pity those in his path. I am food for the worms brother, do not forget me.” She screams in agony and dies, her pupils turning to a red-black, blood running down her cheeks. Barnabus moans in confusion, “forgive me, I did not know that she never left the corruption behind. This land has not healed, and it is for her that this has happened. You should prepare yourself Dorn Stoneheel, the next blood moon is in seven days. If what my sister says is true, then an uncontrollable rage will overcome you soon, and even your friends should decide to avoid you during that night. The first turning is no trivial matter.”
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Likable Lycanthropes, 21 Dracarr 3008 (11-7-2018)
Continuing their way through the forest, Vurcin suddenly appears at the edge of the wood. Apparently he entered a doorway into the Shadowfell and had been working his way out, landing himself in front of the party how ironic. They continue on together to the rumored lycanthrope camp excited to battle some foul beasts.

Reaching the edge of the temyri camp, they notice children playing and simple people going about a daily routine. Fires are aglow, and the warm camp appears inviting, if not the opposite of what the Count may have described about these people. Being noticed standing at the outside of the camp, the mothers grab up there children ushering them to safety from the strangers entering their safe haven. Two beefy men approach to confront the party asking them why they came. After describing the reasons why, and mentioning that Randy says hi, the two men draw swords. Dorn and Felthan diffuse the situation with soft and diplomatic words and ask to see Barnabus.

The story seems to go totally different as Barnabus unravels the story of his people's past and the worship of The Darkness, but now followers of the other Wodan in ways of peace. Yet more people sent by the Count to destroy the lycanthrope temyri, like Lucia Larkmoor before them. But she learned to love these people and even taught love to Barnabus to help him shed his dark ways. Barnabus recognized Dorn for who he is, and the amulet around his neck which Lucia also wore during her time spent with the temyri. Barnabus demands a feast and celebration to mark this time, including a pit fight with his loyal warrior Gahri versus Dorn commencing just before dawn.

Seeking out the shaman, Octavia agrees to assist the adventurers in removing the corruption from the local druid ring with a list of odd ingredients to be obtained. Something about her unnerves Felthan, but he makes preparations to switch places with Gahri to go toe to toe with Dorn in attempts to spare bloodshed.

Three slaves caged in the pit make the party unnerved, but they commence the challenge with a show of flare and acrobatics. Felthan gets a good shot in on Dorn, knocking him back accidentally but he's ok. To liven the show, Barnabus sends in the shaman who takes wolf form and jumps in the pit while also releasing the slaves to stand against the disguised Felthan and Dorn. What will the party do, they feel anxious about the slaves being harmed??

Until next time....
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The Festival of Hallow Falls- 21 Dracarr 3008 (31 October 2018)
The Return of Scary Jack

Once a year old Scary Jack returns to spread mischief and horror to the lands of Empveryn, choosing one special place to sew his deeds. You're lucky enough to be graced with Jack's presence as he lands near Brasov this Hallow Falls. Collect golden doubloons from the creatures near Brasov, find Jack before he leaves for another year and receive special favor. The talk around town is that Jack is handing out special potions this decade.

Reappearance of the Haunted Mansion

With Jack comes the Haunted Mansion. A grand estate, dark and mysterious which appears between the south bridge and the Boneyard. Never gracing Brasov before, it draws great attention from the residence of the town. Rumor has it that the dead walk inside its rooms and halls, waiting for visitors to put them to rest….if they can.

The Doubloons

Rewards from defeating the dead during The Festival of Hallow Falls. Find Scary Jack to redeem them for special prizes. But don't waste his time with a trivial amount or you'll face Jack himself in a duel to the death….your death.

Trick or Treating around Brasov

Everyone has their pumpkins a-glow during the festival. The decorated and twisted houses along the streets call to you to knock for a special treat. That's right, the houses have become warped during the festival. For those who don't give you the sweet treasure you are looking for, a dastardly trick is in store for them brought on by servants of Scary Jack. You thought Brasov was strange before, under the control of Jack it can be downright deadly !

The Festival's Namesake

Hallow Falls is the one time the gods allow the trickery of Scary Jack to befall the land. Beware your spells, they won't have the same effects as normal during this dark time. Magic used to aid, heal, and protect might just fail you, and bite back.

The Minions of Scary Jack

Shaky the Scarecrow

He has power over the scarecrows throughout Brasov. His murder of crows are murderous. Beware crossing Shaky's path at night.

The Fallen Bride

Destined to be a bride, she chose the wrong holiday to get married on. Where love is in the air, so is this ghostly maiden, hellbent on hatred.


She and her children love the woods. Keep an eye out for the cocoons, these mark where these creepy crawlers might be. But hurt her children, and you might find yourself face-to-face with mommy.

Haunted Ash

A tree demon? Is that even possible? Rumored to be a great druid during his life, he fell to the corruption of dark magic and paid the price. Now he serves Scary Jack. Be careful when wandering the woods.
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