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    Tirondel of House Eluviel Elf/M/Contr/Warrior-Mage/Novice
    "You Idiot, Sirin!"
    Description:Appearance: Tirondel is tall for an elf, with long, sleek black hair that goes down just past his shoulders. He appears to be the elf equivalent of roughly nineteen, but acts much older than a teenager. His left eye is silver, with coppery flecks, and he has a purple leather eye patch with a blac...
    Background:Not many people know much of anything about the mysterious Tirondel, for he is guarded with his responses about where he came from. If asked why he is so elusive, he replies "You never know. Many people look for every opportunity to exploit anything about anyone." What people do know about Tirond...
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    Rory Human/M/Stkr/Red Knight
    "Let’s do this!"
  • Thom_real_thumb
    Thomdril Wisefoot Halfling/M/Fighter
    "Get me an ale!"
    Description:Appearance: Thomdril has ratty grey rags as clothes, and hollow eyes, that say to you, "However bad you think you are, I'm worse". He has wispy sideburns, and a mop of tousled brown hair on top of his head. On his back, there is an axe twice as large as he is.
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    Belegor Brekstone Half-Elf/M/Stkr/Fighter/Seasoned
    "Don't worry, I've got this"
    Description:Appearance: Belegor is taller than the average half elf, and from a glance, you might think that he has orcish heritage rather than elven. Looking at him longer, though, you can see the elegance in his steps that an orc or a human never has, especially one of his size. He looks like a battle hard...
    Background:Belegor doesn’t see a particular reason to share his life’s story, rather than a few tall tales. Only when he is very drunk would he tell all. Because of this, most people know him as he tells them, which is slightly exaggerated. He sees no wrong in telling these stories because he believes that ...

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