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The City of Hevlon
The next adventure after the "Halloween" party we had with Al was a, well, interesting adventure. Hearing of a shop opening in the North, Indoril, Shu'ooka, and I decided to see what the shop was. When we walked in, there were not many items of interest, except for a suit of plate mail, an amulet, a belt, and a few potions that Indoril determined to be of magical origin. However, the magic was anything but helpful. The plate mail was worse than splint mail, the potion that Shu'ooka drank made her very small, and the belt that Indoril put on... Well, lets just say that Indoril should be weary of the lust god devotee that comes with us. However, we also decided to purchase the amulet that was behind the counter. After picking it up, we were transported an unknown underground chamber. After finally escaping the puzzles left for us, we surfaced in an unknown town. We were able to find information from the locals, and received an audience with the ruler of the land. She gave us information about a special sword they are looking for, currently held by Hubbin Foxworth. She also confirmed that Indoril is now stuck as a lass, and transported us back to our guild hall, with a sign now adorned with a large knob.
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Disgusting Slime
I hate slime.

This last fight was a severe pain to complete. These slimes we encountered in the warehouse were painful to touch, dissolving anything it came in contact with. Of course, this was only made worse by the fact that we had to stand underneath the slimes to coerce them into coming down, and having to jump out of the way at the last minute. This worked fairly well, until I was unable to jump out of the way of the last slime, and it fell on me. The pain I felt was excruciating, and I had to throw the slime off and scrape it off with my sword. Not only did it leave burns and take the top layer of skin off, it burnt a part of my beard off! What self respecting dwarf would let that happen?
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Kinky shit day
Our last couple days were very interesting as we went and finished a couple jobs on the job board. We went to find some slippery slimes, when we fought them they got all over our clothes and in our hair (Much like another of our adventures). We fought some sewer skellys and collected some bones ( much like a certain someone). Our last adventure was definitely that for one. Basically Shu'ooka and Indoril got boned and slimed *wink wink, nudge nudge*. Lol no for real they got raped by orcs(Shu'ooka enjoyed it) while Irwin and I stayed outside the camp and fell peacefully asleep to sound of Indoril's girlish screams of pain.
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Session #1
Clint, my man

I rented out that building in Naress like you said. I think I managed to turn it into quite a comfortable guild hall. But are you sure these are really the right guys for the job? They all seem to be kind of... autistic. Well, a few of them are sensible, but I'm still not sure you made the right choice. However, I trust you, so I'll sponsor them until you tell me different.
They took that modeling job first. Figures, since they've got that handsome fella' in their outfit. It went alright. I managed to stick myself on the judging panel, and they got by without making too much of a scene.
Since then, they've just been resting up at the hall. I suppose it has only been a day since they got back. The muscle should arrive soon.

Yours, as always,
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