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From A Desk
I’m writing all this here to make sense of things, but in spite of that none of it makes any sense.

No one’s been right since that dream. It isn’t showing on everyone unless you know what to look for. Mistmi’s hand hesitates before pressing against the trigger of her weapon. Pearl’s legs and shoulders have adopted a permanent sense of tension, as if she’s ready to bolt any second. Orn moves and looks like he’s carrying an invisible weight as big as that dragon we saw just before the end. For the life of me I don’t know what to do about Roshim.

I don’t know if he’s ever taken the life of another person before now. What do I say to him about that? Don’t do that thing that’s guaranteed to remove bad people from the world? I don’t get to throw that stone. Not now, not ever. The number of dead in my wake is enough to bury me if I ever pull that sanctimonious card, and if I try I deserve to be crushed under them. We’re a mess right now, and with everything that’s happening we can’t afford to be. Too much rides on our decisions.

Do we even have a right to be shaping the power dynamics of an entire race? Do we understand what will happen if we’re wrong? Are there even right choices for this, or is it just a matter of putting the most amenable breeds at the top or hoping for the best? Is there a best? I have to believe for the most part that giants are little more than giant people, and people aren’t so easily lumped together. History has proven that much at least.

Whatever we do and however we choose to go about this won’t be the end of things. Our choices will have, HAVE had consequences. We’re being watched by bigger and bigger players in this game, and there’s not much to be done about that.

I’m not cut out for this. Them? The others? They can do this. It’ll be hard and it will force them to make tough choices along the way, but me? That’s not me. I’m just a con man, here and gone in a day or two with as much coin as I can swindle from people that are better than me.

No. No, no… I think I can fix this.

[At this point the flow of the writing changes, as if the page was left and then returned to.]

Yeah. Yeah, I think I can fix this!

I’ve spent a lot of time watching them, I have notes on how to bring each of them down if I need to… but it works in reverse as well! If I can recognize the signs, look for the tells that indicate problems I can help them to shore up those areas!

Alright, this can work. This HAS to work. No one would be trying to tear us down in our sleep like this if we didn’t stand a chance of success to begin with. I’m going to watch them, without them knowing it if I can manage. For this to be effective it’ll have to be that way. They can be mad at me for prying later, in the meantime I can help them to keep themselves alive.

I’ll record what I can on each person as I discover it, in the meantime I have work to do.
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Whoever is watching us? Whoever just decided to take her face and warp it to their own ends? To make me watch as she burned away to nothing a SECOND time?

That was your last mistake.

I'm going to find you. I'm going to take everything you have. I'm going to take everyone you have. There is nowhere in the heavens, the hells, or any other plane that will save you from me.

Pray, if you are the sort. Run, if you are able. But while you do so? Keep this one little thing in mind.

You won't escape the inevitable.
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Orn's thoughts
I commit these thoughts to writen words.
After many months with this group, and I cant imagine finer folk to be traveling down this road with. However I feel that I should be doing more. There are things that I vaguely remember from my childhood, taught to me by my detested father, while I called Norland home.
The ways of my kin say a mother who died giving birth is a noble hero, and she gave birth to a son at that. One would assume a man like my father would feel honored and blessed, instead of spiteful, and cruel.
I cant help but think back to that last beating I received from him, even if I did kind a earned it by sneaking on to his raiding boat as child. Blast that sea sickness. I can still remember the point when the raid fleet was attacked near Calimshan shores, and the ship sinking underneath me. I can recall awaking in the home of Fabron and his daughter Adela, and when I first met Wiltummil in Ormpur. But not once can I remember seeing my father's loving smile.
Ah but at last not to get carried away I need to train, maybe I should ask the others for assistance, maybe some sparring matches?
"Follow where I go" he says, and I follow twin tracks in the snow. Curving and banking past the evergreens, he turns, lighting fast, and shoots. Swift as a serpent through the air. And it thuds home, I cannot see where "stay on your toes!" he orders, and with a swish of fir branches, he is gone. I follow, tracking as I can, as if one could track a god; it is only that I know he wishes to be found that I have any hope.- excerpt of In Praise of Uller
Master of rain and torrents, son of the strength of the Mother Earth, I ask you to grant me that strength for myself.

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Session xx (09-26-2018) - Mistmi's Musings
Hello silence, it's been a while. I can't say as I've missed you. Missed the echos of a voice I should remember, calling out for help. Missed the feeling of something missing, a small void that never seems to be filled. I get lost in my head, in that void, more often these days. It was a nice break while it lasted.

Focus on the now...It's been quite the productive journey as of late. Our allies are growing, our travel now quickened by portals (thanks to the Harper network). Roshim has a new weapon. I hope it helps to keep him alive. He's always in the middle of the fray these days. I fear one of these times his goddess won't roll the dice in his favor. I couldn't bare to lose him. Or Zuke. Or any of our motley crew, if I'm honest. But Roshim...he's just so brash lately. I wonder if the strain of this lifestyle is getting to him. If this manic attitude is his way of coping. He calls it embracing the chaos. I call it insanity (almost).

...There it is again, that voice...who are you!?
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Canto of Black Flame, Proffer 81
Under dark and burning skies
Shell of shale and ossein
From yolk of embers, it shall rise
The lord of umbral flame


The one reborn, its wrath unleashed
Rejoice! Bear witness, birth of death
This land, in flames and ashes sheathed
Repent! Drink down, extinction's breath
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