Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, the travelers come, destined to bear the burden of this troubled time. It is I, their chronicler, who alone can tell thee of this saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

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Through the Portal
(Missing the last session sucked but I did get to see the Battle of Five Armies at the IMAX)...

Sims grabbed my arm and he must have grabbed Lothar’s as well. In a flash, or rather a great sucking sound, we found ourselves in the midst of a great village set in the middle of a lake. The sun was odd and yellow and as it sank someone seemed to sense my dread and noted it would rise again tomorrow. Sims and I exchanged glances and quietly talked between us and both deemed to make the best of our situation.

Perhaps winters weren’t as long or as bitter here.
We settled in on what seemed to be a simple, if cold night. The people were hospitable and aside from a bit of an accent spoke an understandable language and knew the glint of gold and silver.

Finding a hearth and a meal proved easy. Both Sims and I found some extra comfort for the night. Lothar had found two girls much earlier with coin but I at least had not set a price upon bedding her. After spending myself and stating her we fell into a deep sleep.

I woke to the peel of a great bell. My bedmate cried “he’s coming,” and gathered her clothes and parted ways with me. My gold was still with me.

Wails of despair filled the air amidst the sounds the multitude filing in a panic to many small boats. Lothar made sure the two whores he had bedded were safe in a boat as he took an oar. Then the most horrid sight flew cross the sky, a great serpent, “he” seemed to be well worth fleeing. On his next pass the beast let loose a gout of fire that cut a swath mere yards away.

Sims and I had found an oar to man ourselves in a boat filled with women and children. We paddled steadily with only luck sparring us from the beast’s flames or the falling debris. I noted a few arrows glancing off the beast’s armor, as it breathed fire I noticed an odd dark spot on its belly as the fire grew within it. On the next pass Sims agreed it was odd. I told him if I had the chance I would loose an arrow with the spot as my target.

The beast landed and made its way up the main channel of the city. The beast spoke in a booming voice to someone who must be so unfortunate to find himself at the top of the bell tower. I noted to Sims that I might have a shot the next time the beast’s near forelimb moved forward. I knocked an arrow and drew. At the same time whomever was on the tower must have loosed. I heard a “clink” and the beast flew skyward in pain. One, or both, of us had hit home.

“Row!!!!” screamed Sims.

The beast flew high and then crashed to earth a few streets away. Dodging the last of the beast’s handy work we felt fortunate to be only slightly damp. The town was hopelessly ablaze so at the hest of the man near the bow we rowed towards the shore of the lake. There we joined the masses who sought refuge. It was cold and Sim’s and I helped out the best we could. Lothar was nowhere to be seen.

The people rallied around a man they called “Bard the dragon slayer”, the man who evidently had been in the belfry. I glanced at Sims and he shrugged. The man called for the masses to seek shelter in the ruin of a nearby city called Dale. It seemed to be a markedly better option than freezing here on the shore of the lake.

Dale was quite the place but void of food. Fires were built so the cold didn’t bite quite as hard as it might. In the morning I woke amidst a sea of others with a portly but kind faced woman’s arms firmly wrapped around me. I politely smiled and she apologized claiming she though me her husband. Sims awoke a few yards away with his own fan club.

A commotion was beginning to stir. In the courtyard a mass of tall thin soldiers, with fair faces, in bright bronze armor stood in ranks as their leader and the dragon slayer parlayed. These “elves” had brought ample food and drink for all and it was good to have our bellies full even if it was only with bread, wine and vegetables.
The soldiers, some of whom were clearly men and some of the most intriguingly beautiful women stood in tight ranks. Their leader rode astride a massive stag.

Were they some of the legendary old folk I had heard of? They must be akin to the Hyperborian’s of home. Their bows were of fine craftwork and their arrows seemed to be top notch. I would have very much liked to examine one more closely given the chance.

Lothar nearly scared Sims to death as he reunited with us. He was clearly half full of wine but in good spirits. The call went out to the men of the city to take arms to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. Talk of a mountain of gold perked all three of our ears and we decided to join ranks with the men.

The army’s proceeded to march on a fortress built into the walls of a nearby mountain. I being in the ranks of the archers I could not hear all that was said between the leader of the elves and Bard (the dragon slayer) but it was clear we were at an impasse with the odd figures peering out from behind the battlements.

The quite grumble among men talked of the stubborn nature of dwarves and particularly their leader Thorin. We talked of where the best place to make camp for siege would be. The leader of the elves and Bard returned to parlay again with this Thorin and produced a stone whose brilliance could not be missed. This Thorin’s angry reply could be heard plain as day even where I stood. After a few moments it seemed that we could return to our talk of camp for the night. I caught a glimpse of Sims in the ranks of the pikemen who shrugged. Lothar had to be restrained.

After standing in ranks for some time we heard a thunder from our left as an odd mass of armored “men” crested the hill in ranks stopping short of joining battle to parlay. I hadn’t noticed before but a man in a robe seemed to be the lynch pin of the whole. These new men were very short, Picts? No these must be the dwarves. Their leader was astride a large boar. It seemed likely we would trade blows with these short men but a new din could now be heard in the distance.

Distant war horns and the thunder of ranks in heavy armor told of the approach of yet another army. With their appearance the elves, dwarves and men joined forces against them. The army approaching was made of twisted men and giants. One flank made for the city and I joined the ranks that fell back to defend Dale.

By nightfall I had loosed easily two five score of arrows, most finding their mark. Some had belonged to the elves. One of my arrows found a giant’s eye and fell him where it stood. The tide of battle was against us until a legion of great eagles joined the fray and turned the tide of battle. The dead of both sides littered the expanse of the plain and filled the streets of Dale.

Sims and Lothar had survived the battle. All of us bore wounds from close to mortal calls. We vowed to celebrate the victory and look for a means for returning home as soon as the possibility for gold ended here.
Session: Sleep of the Dead - Thursday, Jan 01 2015 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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Oh Rapture!
This journal entry may be confused and out of order. This adventure conclusion has been exhilarating! Along the way of cleaning out the vile abominations in the catacombs we discovered and participated in many wondrous things. Xyston discovered sacred objects to Apollo in a small chapel once dedicated to Apollo. I helped clean it up so that Xyston could re-dedicate the chapel. It was a beautiful thing to behold! In his gratitude he gave me a Martian wood sword that is heavier than it looks yet cleaves through things like a hot knife through butter. Truly a wondrous thing to behold in battle. To pay homage to the sword I sing a battle song for Apollo when ever I use it. It seems to give me renewed strength to kill evil.

We lost three members of our party when Sims began mumbling something grabbed Lothar and the ranger and they blinked out of existence through some sort of butt hole! Simply amazing! The remaining members of the party had to forge ahead with a reduced group.

Also there was a chapel to necromantic magic that healed me in my time of need. It also allowed me to resurrect some skeletal minions to aid in our cleansing of the catacombs. While searching this area we came across a large stone with a hand shaped chair carved out of it. The stone chair emanated with necromantic magic. Everyone was hesitant to touch it, except me. I sat in the chair. The pain was excruciating! I passed through all kinds of swirling light to stand before 6 very angry demons. They weren't angry at me, but because they were bound to that place by some mighty necromantic magic. They were too busy arguing and fighting to notice me. I experienced death in a way that no other has ever experienced. I learned so much, but my mind is still sorting though all the information it received. I will be making notes in my journal for my entire life just from this one experience! Just as the demons turned my way and took notice of me, there was a flash of light, the pain disappeared, and I awoke on the floor of the chair chamber. Xyston had resurrected me. Evidently, when I sat in the chair, I became a skeletal warrior. Xyston placed one of the sacred artifacts we found on my chest and brought me back from the beyond. I would like to experience that again, yet not via the chair. I have spent my entire life studying death in all of it forms. I am very knowledgeable in it, yet this short experience made me realize that I have not yet scratched the surface. I have so much more to learn and discover. I may need to discuss this with Xyston. The artifact that brought me back, came with a few insights of what death may be like for followers of Apollo. I wonder if there is a different afterlife for each different religion? This has opened an entire new field of study for me!

The rest of the adventure failed in comparison to that. We managed to kill a large number of cultists and other evil men and one very powerful priestess. She was trying to raise some ancient evil. It was this, we discovered that was causing the fishmen to come to shore. It was causing some kind of mental disturbance to them and they were trying to get it to stop.

When we cam back to the surface, many parts of the village had been destroyed. The inn was intact, thank goodness! We all needed refreshment after that foulness we fought! We also discovered a portal to another area full of chaos, and we are discussing taking that portal, after we find out where our compatriots have disappeared to! Meanwhile, I have many things to learn and train on. I will be very busy indeed!
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Epic × 2!
Expanding my knowledge!
Alas, Lantus has passed, but in a glorious fashion. The specter merely passed her hand across his face and he fell over dead. I actually saw his soul leave his body and move into a blue flame. I was so enraptured watching that happen that I completely missed noting my own near death experience! I have to be more careful in the future, so that I can more closely monitor these experiences when they happen to me.

This party has given me more chances to study the human condition experiencing death than any other. We recently discovered a group of cultists in this catacomb. We caught and slayed two in the hall and managed to put the remainder into a sleep spell. Oh joy! I only wish we had had more time to study these poor unfortunates! One moaned for his god, another cried for his mother and another just smiled before he passed. Oh, I so wish I could have seen what he saw before he passed. The others we had to kill quickly. The party seems to be in some kind of a hurry. I need to get someplace quiet, where I can conduct more experiments. It seems I will have no shortage of creatures to conduct my experiments with this party. I just need to find some way to get them to not be in such a hurry all the time.

I am going to try using blood as an ink. There always seems to be so much of it around when this party passes through an area. I will make my notes quickly with blood, then transcribe them into my journals in ink. This will not alarm the squeamish. Who knows after a little time, when the blood dries, it does look like ink. Who knows, I'll give it a try. I'll have to see what the party feels about it. They have no qualms about slicing folks into pieces they do not know, but get up in arms about the smallest things. We'll see!
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Dead man's stuff
Equipment on Lantus

Leather Armor
Hand Axe
4 Darts

Spyglass from The Tides Inn
GP: 158
CP: 29

Spellbook: Sleep and Feather Fall, 92 blank pages
Leather scroll case
Pry Bar
Thieves Tool
Tinder Box
Roll of Gauze
Ink & Quill
5 Sheets of Parchment
2 Small Sacks
Cord 100 Ft
12 Iron Spikes
Bees Wax
Iron Rations 1 week
Session: Plunder Dome! - Wednesday, Dec 03 2014 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Alas poor Lantus...I sort of knew him
We have just retreated from a foul banshee specter...we are lucky to have escaped with our lives, most of us. Poor Lantus, the husk of his mortal shell now lays a few feet away from where we have sought shelter in a corridor. I wish we could find a pyre. It might be the only thing that would assure that the corpse of our companion does not rise as a servant of the one who made him so.

Tomag is learned in such dark happenings. What will he recommend?

And what of the wounds inflicted by the undead servants of the foul temptress? Will Lothar and Tomag be turned into the foul walking dead? I have heard tales of this happening. May they retain enough of their sense to offer their throats to us if such a fate greets them. We should be wary of them in the mean while.

Time to clean some arrows. I may have need of them shortly.
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