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Bextl's mother's last words to him were not to trust anyone, which seemed like a safe bet. It didn't seem prudent to throw our lot in fully with either side: A Sith Lord with an army of clones (some loyal, some rebelling, and some just convinced he's invincible), or a Moff with ties to creepy alien things who ingest people and spit out other alien things.

Playing it by ear, we head back to the gas giant to pick up the Plaque, and then arrange a meeting with the Moff. Despite the precautions we took (leaving it locked in the Headhunter, slaved to our ship and booby-trapped), Bing still managed to get his hands on the Plaque, and started proceeding with plans of his own. At least we make it safely back to Kal'Shebbol and arrange a secure dock - on the Hungarian's space station of all places. We narrowly avoid a firefight between Bing, the rest of the group, and the Hungarian's security forces.

Sargusta Jors shows up, and accompanies us to the Moff's real seat of power - a gas giant with bunches of moons 8 hyperspace-hours away from Kal'Shebbol. The Moff's fortifications include a number of Star Destroyers (with unusual energy signatures from their tech), and an odd rocky moon with no atmosphere but heavy shielding. We land and head deep underground - leaving Bing behind in the Headhunter and passing through tight security before meeting with a huge football-field sized centipede-looking thing. This creature is DarkStryder, and it is surrounded by an orb with flashing purple lighting, jars in brains, and unrecognizable tech. The Moff meets us here as well, and allows us to converse with DarkStryder.

We next discover another huge creature - a green/black 'queen-alien'-looking thing chained up with various tubes attached. The creature was apparently made using DarkStryder. The Moff brings in Caitlyn, and agent of with extensive injuries - she is slid into one tube of the creature, and comes out another tube apparently transformed into a Krayt Dragon - she heads off to enact retribution on the Hutts responsible for her injuries. This is apparently the 'new start' the Moff had mentioned in our last meeting.

We are then taken to a meeting with the Moff's Generals, Admirals, and Intelligence heads. We explain about the Plaque, 000, Darth Vex, and our work for ISB. We explain that we could use our status as double-agents to his benefit - revealing tech he can afford to lose, to throw ISB off his trail. The Moff is surprised to learn Darth Vex's identity, but believes she is dead in the most recent outbreak of 000's droid rebellion.

Around this time, Bing goes missing from the Headhunter, and alarms begin going off. The Death Star has arrived, and destroys one of the Moff's Star Destroyers. The Moff asks us to use his 'Sun Crusher', a small vessel with similar power to the Death Star, but created using his unusual tech. Further alarm klaxons blare, and main power goes off.

The party splits up (always a good idea), with some headed towards the Sun Crusher, some back to our ship, Bing doing his own thing (giving cryptic reports over the comms), and Bextl staying behind in the meeting room (hearing voices in his head of someone coming to him). Emergency power comes back on, and we get reports over our comms of Imperial ships landing to secure the bay where our ship is docked.

Jocko and Maris take off in the Sun Crusher, which takes the opportunity to make 'modifications' to them for proper interface. They gain innate knowledge of the ship, and discover it is a Yuuzhan Vong craft. They head to the system's red giant and absorb energy to use against the Death Star. They bank around the sun and head straight for their target, taking a hit but continuing on. They plow into the core and expel all of the energy - destroying it and two nearby Star Destroyers.

The rest of the group hides to let a group of stormtroopers from the landing party pass (leaving only a dozen or so behind). They then assault the troopers - taking hits buy laying down enough smoke cover to get inside our ship. From there, it's a simple matter to gun down the remaining troops and enemy craft.

In the meantime, Bextl has a rather explosive disagreement with Palpatine, who showed up to recover him. Bextl released the deadman switch on a readied thermal detonator, taking out many troopers and all but one backup clone, with Paltaine was able to 'jump' to. Our ship takes off, destroying more of the dock on our way out, and meet up with the Sun Crusher. We clamp onto it and prepare to leave under impulse power.

At this point we discover Bextl himself (or yet another clone) still on-board. He says that we need to stop the DarkStryder-created bug-creature, before the Palpatine can use it to restore his imperfect clone body. Bing finds another docking bay for us to use (near him and the creature), and we land there & use vac-suits to enter - oddly enough, we discover barefoot Toydarian footprints on the outside.

Maris rigs up an explosive vest for Bextl to wear (at his suggestion), in case Palpatine takes over his body. We enter the base, and Bing rigs up an isolation helmet for Bextl as well, in an effort to limit any information Palpatine may be able to pull from his mind over a 'tether' which may still exist.

Bing pauses at a console to deal with some remaining troopers, and we discover other Star Destroyers have arrived and begun shelling the area near our ship. It becomes apparent that Palpatine is somehow listening in despite our preparations, and that he appreciates our idea about the bug-creature - he takes it over, and begins moving quickly towards the moon's surface.

Bing touches Krieger, somehow signaling him to head back to the ship and get it operational (also providing schematics for the moon\space station). The rest of us follow, quietly. We discover that it's badly damaged, and time for repairs is in short supply. It looks like one of the Star Destroyers is trying to land to pick up the Bug Emperor, so Bing takes control of the moon's propulsion systems to slam it into the Star Destroyer. He tries going after others, but they wisely keep their distance.

Bing then tries to eject the Moff and his remaining techs, to take full control of the moon, but this starts up a scuffle with the rest of the party, and he's knocked down by Zansatsu. Eventually, the rest of the party leaves him behind, to try and deal with Palpatine. We drive off on a ground vehicle loaded on our ship towards the wreck of the Star Destroyer.

Around this time, additional Yuuzhan Vong craft begin showing up in the system. Bing and the Moff come to a tenative agreement to deal with them - it seems as if the Moff wasn't actually in league with the Vong, but just attempting to hijack their tech. The rest of us drive up to a hidden turret, hack into it, and begin firing on an Imperial Shuttle headed to meet the Bug Emperor as it breaks free of the Star Destroyer's wreckage (sporting an impressive-looking shield of some sort). Bing provides additional fire from another turret.

The shuttle takes heavy damage, but manages to land and out steps a young Anakin Skywalker? (apparently a clone). Krieger shoots at him, and he tries (and fails) to block it with his lightsaber, taking a solid hit. The rest of us join in, including Zansatsu who lands a heavy punch. 'Derp Vader' manages to block further blaster fire from us, and throws his saber - destroying Zansatsu's shock gloves and wounding him. However, Kel'Kabukk knocks him back with an explosive quarrel, and Maris leaves him on the ground twitching after a full-auto burst from his blaster rifle - should've held onto that lightsaber.

The Moff & Bing use the Moon's guns to take out the incoming Vong craft, leaving just us and Palpatine. Unsurprisingly, he now wanted to talk. Bextl is able to lull him into a false state of security and get close - walking inside the bug's shield. Maris then triggers the explosive vest - the explosion amplified by being inside the shield, it basically atomizes everything inside. Both Bextl and Palpatine try to jump into the barely-alive Vader clone, but Bextle gets there first.

It's unclear if Palpatine was able to jump to another, further-out clone, or if he still exists in some other form. At any rate, we're still alive, the Moff seems grateful (if a bit shell-shocked), and for once we may even be free of bounties. Kel'Kabukk takes the opportunity to reveal Barret Demora's treachery to the Moff (hey, the guy was definitely guilty of something, right?), and is granted a favor: a nice trip for two back to Kashyyyk for a prolonged hunting trip. Some things, you just need to savor (like medical trials on how many body parts a Wookie can tear off and cauterize, while still keeping the subject staggering along).
Session: Get ready for a surprise! - Tuesday, Sep 12 2017 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Session: A Moff's Problem - Wednesday, Aug 02 2017 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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That was easy... too easy
So Moff Kenter Sarn has a problem which needs fixing... a Darth-Vex-shaped problem. Bextl piles on the charm in an attempt to narrow down the scope of the problem. That is, are we talking about a distracted Darth, or a vaporized Vex? It turns out the crux of the problem is the timing. The Moff has an extensive clandestine power base, but he hasn't had time yet to clean up his dirty laundry, and it's inspection time.

On an interesting side note - it turns out that Darth Vex is actually an elderly female human, rather than your typical tall dark Sith Lord. She is known for taking the children of vanquished foes under her wing as padawans.

Taking inspiration from a certain politely psychopathic protocol droid, we propose a plan: we will cause a '000-style' droid uprising in a nearby location - drawing attention from the Moff long enough for him to get his house in order. Now that sounds like a risky and complicated plan... but as it turns out, it's much easier to just ask our friends in ISB to FAKE the uprising, and politely ask Darth Vex to play along. This not only get us deeper into the Moff's confidence - it also may cause the Moff to expose what he's trying to hide at a very bad time - for him.

Before we leave the conference, we ask the Moff to expedite our ship delivery, along with a few upgrades - including a cloaking device. We pick up our ship at the usual place, search for bugs, and remove them. We discover that the cloaking device we were given isn't standard imperial tech, but something very alien.

Bextl uses his one-time-pass to reach out to ISB and lay out our plan. We're directed to meet in Travnin - a moon orbiting a gas giant in the Minos Cluster. We land there at a private imperial port, and the techs there get to work with a more thorough scan (finding one last bug in the john). They show particular interest in the cloaking device - particularly a suited man named Zrowl whose crew gathers a lot of information to send up the chain.

We meet again with Zrowl the next day, and learn that we have a deal. This includes clean slates for all but Bextl - who instead gets an opportunity to plead his case before Pappy Palpatine. I also suggest a certain rat named Barret as a fall-guy for the scheme. We'll need pictures\schematics\etc. of more of the Moff's fancy tech, which can then be pinned on Barret as a leak.

Zrowl asks us to head back towards Kal'Shebbol - meeting up with a black mon-cal NC-90 carrier on the way with supplies for a round of deep cover. Upon arriving, we are escorted to meet with Darth Vex herself - aka Ederlathh Pallopides (Bextl's mom). So this is disconcerting: this woman was involved in some sort of coup against Palpatine, and she's still alive and still working for him. (creepy!)

We exchange pleasantries (and Zansatsu gets in a staredown with a band of creepy stabby Padawans), and then get down to business. She needs to know what's going on with the Moff's alien tech, and if we pull this off, Bextl "might be the clone they decide to keep around" (did I mention, creepy!). She's leaving some tech for us - including ways to securely communicate our findings. Incidentally, I examine the Padawans briefly, and can spot no visible alterations. Nevertheless, these kids clearly have an impossible level of focus and a ridiculous amount of training - something to keep in mind.

We head back to Kal'Shebbol to get on with things, and dock at one of Kolwith's secure ports. A quick scan of the news reveals that our plan went a little better than expected: '000' took offense to the fake uprising, and showed up to cause a real one. Fortunately, we gave details about exactly what to expect (and how to combat it), so there's no problem there. Still - freaking droids!

Augusta Jors shows up to meet us, thank us, and set up a dinner with the Moff. He gives each of us a credstick containing 20k (for expenses), and we all get nicely suited up. The Moff offers each of us a 'new start', courtesy of his alien technology. It's not a requirement of working for him, apparently, but it requires complete loyalty. One gets the impression that someone doesn't live long after betraying this sort of loyalty.
Session: Darkstryder! - Wednesday, Jul 19 2017 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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That could have gone better....
Well, the local Moff asked us to liberate a person of interest from a prison convoy. After a little discussion, we set a plan in action that involved a Magnetic Crane hovercraft and two rented hover vans. We would use one of the two rented hover vans to follow the prison convoy and use the Magnetic Crane hovercraft to initiate the ambush. Bextl would be waiting a few blocks away with the getaway hover van.

We wanted to make sure that the guards couldn't radio in backup, so Bing created an EMP bomb. Well, it worked a little too well. When we initiated the ambush, Bing's EMP bomb shut everything electronic off within a block radius. Bextl's hover van, thankfully, was outside the EMP radius. We attacked the van and realized that our weapons wouldn't work.

We caught the guards by surprise(again, having a Wookie as part of the team is always a good idea) and we knocked out one of the guards after the wookie doctor ripped the door off its hinges. Meanwhile, Bing was using the Magnetic Crane to rip off the back doors to free the prisoner.

I opened the driver's door to kick the driver out and hopefully knock him out, but that didn't happen. The driver proved to be quite agile and made a run for it. Bing saw this and brought the heavy steel doors that the magnet was carrying right on his head. Squish!

After we secured the prisoner, Bextl showed up, knowing something had gone wrong when the comms were dead. At the Moff's place, the Moff thanked us in person and awarded us 90,000 credits and asked us to do a dangerous mission: Destroy or distract the Super Star Destroyer in orbit. What's a little Mission Impossible between friends???
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