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First Battle
Dear Great Grandmother and Uncle,

I sit here by a warm fire in the castle alone with my thoughts. People’s first impression was me big. I stayed big after the battle. I like being big, plus the snow kept falling and so much easier to walk in the snow big. Everyone but Oscar helped to clean up after the battle. Oscar needed to get alcohol so he not get bored.

The giants killed many town people before we chased them away. After the battle I used my big body to help move the four giants we killed and their allies to a pyre I helped build with my tail and teeth. We and the town folk took everything of use off of the giants. I help put some of their clothes over holes in roofs.

The giants had many coins. I hope I can look for nice coins for you great grandmother. The others thought it was strange at first that I looked for special coins but I explained that it would be okay to look later. The others said they might help find me nice coins for you great grandmother.

The town folk used the giants big clothes to patch some of their damaged houses. If we can we may stay a few days to use magic to help the town folk have warm houses. It so cold for what should be summer. I am glad I am used to snow. If it were not for the bloody messes ruining the white pretty it might have reminded me of home in the middle of winter.

But this should be summer. I remember great grandmother telling me about what some of the giants could do with magic. I guess these giants have figured out how to turn summer to winter. I don’t like that. I hope the snow melts soon. It too tall.

The bright light that does not blind blessed me with brave. When I open the door I shouted at the giants in draconic about how scary they were. They looked at me funny. Then the yeti’s threw javelins that poked and colded. One hit me but other wise after I tell them how scary they look they seemed to be more worried or interested in the others. They seemed real interested in Aramil.

I guess they think he might have a thing called the ring of winter. It would help them turn more summer to winter, no good! No good at all! Aramil must go to a place called noble night to try to find his brother. He think he may have the ring. We are going to go with Miri, who has the same blood to try and save another city or something like that.

Uncle you will be happy that your bow worked really good for me. I thought I heard Anton say “nice shot Taggus” as he finished off a yeti I had just hit with two arrows. Maybe he did maybe he didn’t but you tell me about all the times you and Anton shoot things together. Maybe I think Anton talk to me eventually. He still isn’t very friendly.

Great grandmother more than fighting the people here saw what one of my people can be. I might have had some trouble but I made sure to keep close to Varis or Corin or one of my other friends while I moved about the town being small. I used the tracks I made when I was big as much as I could. Snow taller than me. I tell everyone who would listen about the light that does not blind. But I think they at least think I am a different kind of kobald. That good.

I may give a lot of coins that aren’t pretty to the people around here. Varis is building a shrine, coins buy things to build things. I guess a share of the coins we got from the giants are mine to decide what to do with. Oscar said the people who used to own them are dead. So hard to tell because they don’t know all their coins as well as you do great grandmother. But if help people build things that good.

One thing I might want to do with coins is to have a wizard help me make the shield we made of your scales better. Maybe if I get coins that people don’t need to build things right now. I ask Theren how many coins I need to make shield better. Who knew coins could do more that remind great grandmother of stories! .
Session: Is that a Boat? - Tuesday, Oct 24 2017 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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So these are Aramil's friends...
Snow in the summertime; magic teleporting eggs provided by a mad wizard (those were fun!); a grumpy ranger who trusts no-one but a wolf; a man that becomes a whole new person and lives on after death; stepping into a circle and visiting an old friend to learn more about a new one (I had no idea kobolds could speak!); a cloud giant offering lime tea and potatoes!! I already know V, and the two wizards--one new, the other an old friend of both A & V--well, wizards are always worth noting, although I know enough not to bother a wizard when he is wizarding. A's friends seem to invite tales to be told about them!

I will fill those stories out later, because now we are rushing back to Ultek to attend to Evaleigh as the city is besieged by giants. Somehow I doubt these are offering tea.
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A letter to Anton

This is an open letter and I write this as a means to discuss what happened between yourself and Peck Silverscale. While we now know that your vow of vengeance wasn't just for gnolls, but for kobolds too, I believe that I speak for most of the group when we didn't recognize the hatred in your eyes as you instantly lashed out at Peck without any warning.

You have been a part of this adventuring group for some time and have had many battles with Varis, Corin, Oscar and myself at your side. We have bled beside you and protected you from countless threats and vice versa. When Corin, Varis and I chose to restrain you from killing Peck Silverscale, didn't that make you wonder why we were protecting that kobold?

Your hatred for the little kobold only was restrained when a former member of our group had to tell you to stand down and vouched for Peck Silverscale personally. It was disheartening at least and it spit on all of the trust and camaraderie that we earned together as a group.

You have trust issues, comrade. You need to look inside yourself and see if the group you are with is trustworthy or not. I hope that you see that we were trying to keep you from making a terrible mistake and that we were not harming you in any way. If you choose to see us as the ones who betrayed you and no longer are worthy of your trust, leave then and never return.

I hope that you can realize what this means. You are a cunning man, Anton Ramondo. Use that cunning and see that we are all in this together. Learn to put your hatred aside or it will consume you until the only thing left of you is ashes in the wind.

Your comrade,
Session: Problem 1 - Tuesday, Sep 26 2017 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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A Near Death Reunion
After being informed by the Vistani 100 years ago that our companions would be returning near Coldspur in Ratik, I would think that we might have a little confusion as to the time lost and perhaps have some time for storytelling of how the mighty Strahd fell.

I should have known that wasn't going to happen. As Peck Silverscale, Varis, Miri and I were waiting for our old adventuring group to arrive, it began to snow heavily. As the night passed and the dawn crested over the horizon, three feet of snow lay at our feet in August.

It was the morning when the group arrived with a yell from Oscar "You pussies done shopping??" I hugged and slugged Oscar and showed him where the keg I brought for the reunion was located. Introductions were made as the group brought with them an elven wizard, Theren Laidon, who was watching over Mordenkainen, the wizard who revolted against Strahd. However, when Peck introduced himself, Anton immediately drew his bow and shot two arrows at the little kobold. One missed, but the other hit Peck's shoulder. All hell broke loose.

Now while I knew that Anton had a very deep hatred of gnolls, he never expressed his loathing of kobolds, so it was shocking to see him attack without provocation. Oscar ignored the chaos that followed as most everyone tried to restrain Anton from harming Peck further. He was spelled into submission by Varis and Theren webbed him in place as we tried to reason with Anton, who was acting like a rabid dog at this point. Anton refused to see the letter that Taggus wrote himself introducing the little kobold.

After a little discussion and some chaos that ensued from Oscar messing with Mordankainen's devices which transported us to an iceberg and then to the other side of Greyhawk, we finally got Oscar to agree to not kill the kobold until Anton got a chance to talk to Taggus personally and hear it from him.

Theren agreed to transport all of us to where Taggus was residing and even though I have seen Taggus age before my eyes, it was saddening to see Taggus past his prime and when Taggus vouched for Peck, only then did Anton agree to stay his oath of vengeance.

I have seen Anton's incredible archery skill and I know how deadly he can be in battle. I don't want to be in his sights, but I cannot stand by while he wants to kill a creature out of pure loathing of what the creature is. I, for one, don't understand where this loathing comes from, but it must be checked by his intellect, otherwise there will come a time where Anton and I will not see eye to eye and I will have to protect people from him.
Session: Problem 1 - Tuesday, Sep 26 2017 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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The Tower of Zephyros, 1000’ feet over the mountain valley 30 miles North West of Coldspur in a snow storm:
The Cloud Giant Zephyros smiles at you. He was led to believe that a party would arrive at this approximate location that would be able to set the Ordning right again. He finds it interesting that there are 8 of you. Also interesting that you have interparty “difficulties” now that you are 8. Mordenkanen’s circle of 8 fractured when one of theirs acted against the others. Maybe just a coincidence, after all the last circle was all casters and Zephyros has been driven insane and healed 8 or so times by the other planer contact. Interesting but where was he?

Oh yes, the Ordning, it is broken. The Ordning is the natural pecking order of the Giant clans. It was Storm, Cloud, Fire, Frost, Stone, and Hill at the bottom. That was until an agent bewitched the Fire King Snuri’s daughter, Simvor, convincing her that removing Storm King Hekaton would open the way for the Fire Giants to ascend to the top of a new Ordning. Only Simvor and now Snuri know about the plan. Hekaton is now missing, hidden by the agent, and in the power vacuum every giant clan is trying to climb up the Ordning ladder. This has been at the cost of many small folk lives and surely more to come.

King Hekaton


The Frost Giants raid the coasts of Ratik searching for the Ring of Winter which they believe will put them on top. The Fire Giants are/have collected the parts of the Colossus Vonindod and now need only the Drow to deliver the Primordial Maegera to bring it back to life. Many more plans are in the works, so many to look at, so many to follow……

Greyhawk is divided and positioned poorly to band together to combat them. The Scarlet brotherhood is toppling governments, The Hold of the Sea Princes for example. Iuz is sponsoring rebellions. Etc. Etc.

And behind it all the ancient enemies of the Giants stir, the Dragons are awake and at least watching…

Tea anyone?
Session: Zephyros - Tuesday, Oct 10 2017 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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