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Still Shaking
Dear Great Grandmother and Uncle,

I am shaking getting my wits together. I volunteered to guard Theren as he prepares a teleport spell to get us out of here. The tally for the day is eighteen frost giants including the queen of this ice castle. The others are off grabbing what they can. I write this one line at a time. Giants are not very sneaky but I don’t want to take chances. Write, look around, write some more.

The bright light that does not blind was merciful and helped me be brave. Life among the round ears in their cities is living among giants. Even with uncle and his family I did not stand eye level to anyone but great aunt Bella. Her back is stooped from old age. She never could hear me very well but if I could get her talking I liked what she had to say. So many tales about uncle and the other “tads”.
I wish I could talk to you. We found a very bad thing. One of the Dragon Orbs. Miri has possession of it. I could feel the spirit of the evil dragon within. I am glad I did not grab it. My feeling says to smash it. Keep it away from egg breakers forever. How to convince the others.

If we escape to someplace safe that place will become in danger as the orb calls to Tiamat’s minions. Could the big dragon we saw eat it or smash it with a claw? Must not let it be in a giants hand, how to convince the others to break it.

It looks so fragile but I can sense needle would not be able to break it. If only the bright light that does not blind could bless Needle. Needle makes the bright light’s will come into this world but only as a tool in my hand.

Three white eggs are here. I feel the urge to protect them even as I know what is inside. Whites are probably too stupid and vicious to possibly get them to follow their true greatest grandfather. What would they look like if they could get the scales of pearl? Could ferocity replace the blind rage they are born with. How mature are they? How close to hatch? Could I talk with them. I will find out! Tell them to serve their greatest grandparents. Fight giants, not fight for them.
Session: Frost hall of death! - Wednesday, Jan 10 2018 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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By all the Gods! Loot the body's and lets get the hell out of here! 14 frost giants, not counting the queen! Many parts of the battle are fuzzy to me. The others say that the giants killed me 3 or 4 times. I managed to get in some great shots! I knew we were in hot water when the queen killed Corin right off. Then set about trying to kill the rest of us. We need to talk to Oskar about his negotiation skills, they appear to be non-existent. hopefully the party realizes this for the future. However, after a long and painful fight, we emerged victorious! We found Aramil, and returned him to our fold. We now must leave this accursed ice fort and get to safety to heal and count or gold. I am sure there other things that must be done, but I have an dd feeling that we may see that queen again. This time, I hope we see her first, so we get our shots in before she even knows we are there! So quickly people, loot those bodies, gather what wealth and magic items we can find and lets get off this gods forsaken ice floe before more giants and dragons show up. I'm not sure we can survive another fight like that last one! Quickly now!
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Walking into Trouble
How much trouble did we walk into?

Short time to write and look over the shiny coins for anything unique or particularly pretty. We are inside the giant’s ice castle and have just battled with three giants and won. The coins came from one of the giants but one of the other giant has coins made of platinum. Very pretty! My share is how many coins? I would like as many of the platinum coins as possible, I think you might like them great grandmother but I would like to see them first. How did we get to the giants?

As we sailed we first saw one of the giant’s big ships and everyone did their best to hide our whole ship. I would have helped but hiding magic is something this kobold knows very little of. As we moved to evade the ship we did but behind it we found where the giants were coming from. I was excited at the prospect of being big so the plan to walk across the water using magic made me a little less excited.

Part of me wanted to run away and at least hide during our water walk. Things swimming below us looked big enough to eat all of us. We could see birds swooping around the opening of the big ship place that were big enough to catch me for sure. Then another big, big, big white dragon appeared and made a line for our ship. After the distant screams and sound of wood being smashed ended it came back with two people, one in each claw. Yes, definitely a very big dragon, as big if not bigger than the one we killed. Was this is mate? The big giant face carved over the entrance seemed to watch us, or at least try to watch. A funny sound seemed to come from its mouth which was opened like someone blowing out a candle.

When we got to a big chain across the harbor I thought that going up where the chain came from might be a good idea. The magic we used to go for our water walk kept us from being noticed. The others chose to walk all the way through the ship place to a flat spot at the far end of the ship space. Towards lots of bones and blood. Lots of things to be afraid of. I am glad the bright light that does not blind makes me brave.

The others said the bones belonged to whales but something's not quite right. Giants are big and need big food so whales seem to be big enough. We saw some big things on our walk. Shadows moved in the water below, whales? Big birds in the sky above either they stronger than they look or they didn’t help catch whales. Dragon smell in the bones, do whales smell like dragons? What are whales come to think of it? Listening to the other’s whispers I gather that whales are big and live in the water, the things that swam underneath us? The dragon must have helped kill the whales certainly big enough to kill something very big.

The white dragon destroyed our ship, the big birds and scary swimming things didn’t give us much trouble in. I was glad we used magic to hide and that everyone is bigger than me, so I can hide under their cloaks, or legs as long as I don’t trip them to much. If I made a plop it sunk, one good thing about walking on water, plops don’t leave slippery messes for friends to slip on.

We found a door into a big giant sized castle. I squeezed under the others used magic to get in. Sitting on the chest of a dead frost giant I am sort of glad we found a way in. A dead giants chest makes a pretty good place to write.

Why does that dragon tolerate these giants? Big dragons should kill giants like these no matter what color there scales these giants are very bad egg breakers for sure. Giants that can respect dragons are okay. Egg breaker giants are not! Work with egg breakers bad, work for any egg breakers disgusting! Work for egg breaking giants, almost inconceivable! But I see it with my own eyes! What vile magic must be in play! Bright light that does not blind help me shape this anger to serve you!

I knew we should have told them to make a run for it. Not sure why we told them to wait. Most of them are dead now. Oscar was able to save a couple of the crew he swam from the ship and caught up with us. Oscar wasn't feeling good when we started the walk but must be feeling better now because he is looking for something to drink.

The giants had a bunch of meat in the room we snuck into to get into the castle. Lots to eat including three frozen people, very bad to eat food that talks. No warm food. No scurry furry snacks. Will need to make due with mammal food and the few crunchies I have left but those are froze too. Didn’t look for things to drink.

Lots of whale oil. Thought about how well that would burn if we needed to escape. How warm the fire would be. So cold. Eek! Need to refresh my warm armor. Forgot I shaped the magic to clean up the blood in the hall. That is better now.

These giants are bad. Even most kobolds won't eat talking food. We killed the giants guarding Aramil. What to write next? Theren is starting to talk weird like someone is talking through him. I don’t like what he is saying. Maybe I should find a way to hide. No! I will be very, very brave!
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It's bad enough we have to sail out on the ice strewn ocean away from mother earth's safer embrace, but we have to fight a dragon! At sea! with no where to run and hide if we have to. No matter, we won! Now in pursuing Aramil we have stumbled upon a floating fortress carved out of ice. And also, Giants! not one or two, but hordes of the monsters! Frost Giants to boot! This party will be the death of Black Wolf and myself. Between Oskar and his shenanigans and our party stumbling through places we should avoid, it will be the death of us. I haven't killed a gnoll in a very long time. I guess I will make giants my next enemy of choice. You can't take a shyte without tripping over one of the brutes. Now we're in the hall of the ice queen, we've killed the queen, or so we think, and there is a shit ton of giants all trying to squash us! I have gotten in the habit of shooting them in the dangly bits! They're taller than us and just hang there. They don't wear a proper pair of trousers, so they become the target of choice. While they wear armor and furs and have shields, none of them deem their dangly bits as something to protect. As the others attack at their leisure, I aim for the parts that get results. I believe that while getting shot in the nads, they aren't as focused on killing the others. And by the time they identify me as the cause of their pains, they aren't interested in pressing the fight as much as trying to protect their dangly bits. The worst part is retrieving my arrows. Sheesh, that is repulsive! If we were back home I'd just let them keep the damn arrows sticking out where ever! We're currently surrounded by giants and if something doesn't happen soon, we'll be scraped off the giants shoes soon. Corwyn got death blasted by the queen. So he's no help, and everyone else is running around trying not to get stepped on. I'd tell Black Wolf to get away, but there isn't anyplace where he can go. He's telling me that there is dragon spoor everywhere, which bodes ill. What next, if we survive the giants, then we face a horde of fricking dragons!? If I have to die, I hope it's not on this frozen desolate slab of ice.
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Out of the Dragon's maw... into another's !?!
So we can add 'Dragonsbane' to our list of honorifics - although, I got a strange sense of Deja-vu about that. The gargantuan white beast took out many of Draven Thornbolt's fine crew, though Varis and I were able to bring two of them back from the brink with a little Divine intercession. That eases my mind to some degree - this isn't their fight, though I noticed their cook acquitted himself quite heroically.

We continue on, and the lookout yells ‘sails’ - this turns out to be a a wrecked ship (the 'Wander', apparently - a whaling ship). We pass close enough to hail the ship, and get no response. We notice marks of a dragon attack, and no lifeboats left on it. As discuss whether there's anyone left to rescue, Blackwolf smells human & chickens on ship.

We grapple onto the ship, head to the front with ropes, and my blade quickly de-ices the doors. We open the passenger area, and find no one - it was looted (by giants, no doubt), but they left behind an emerald (worth 300gp), 20 silver pieces, and two pieces of scrimshaw (worth 10gp each).

Continuing on towards the back of the ship, in the hold, we find chickens, 4 goats, and the cook (Bor Medred). He is unconscious, and suffering from hypothermia. Varis is able to cure this, and we take him back to our ship. Apparently his vessel was having some difficulty with their hunt, due to giants in the area also taking whales. They must've ended up too far afield in their search, because they encountered a giant longship with a shackled dragon (sounds familiar) which wiped them out & looted them. Bor heard in bits and pieces that the dragon apparently didn't come back to the ship after the fight, much to the giants consternation.

We keep going, and were able to get in a long rest unhindered. On a sleety day, we again get a call of ‘Sails’ - a giant longship! They pass us by (possibly aided by some impromptu magic to hide us), and seem to be following a guiding device parallel with the shore to deeper waters (looking for another of Aramil's family?) Further out, we see a bigger iceberg, with a huge hole down to the water-line (with a giant black chain hanging out from it, and a giant frosted face above it). Our ship anchors at an iceberg and lets us off. Draven is only willing to stay for 24 hours - if we're not back by then, we'll have to find our own way home.

We come up with the following plan to surprise the giants: Anton casts water-walking, and we head straight there single-file (behind a minor illusion I keep up, of the area behind us) As we get closer, we see large arctic owls - might be dangerous if hostile. We get a better look of the giant face - a depiction of a giant ocean god. We get a bit of a scare about the possibility of giant sea creatures swimming below us (the area is known for them), but we make it safely to the iceberg (off to the side of the opening)

Around this time, a SECOND huge white dragon flies out of the cave in the direction we came from. We hear signs of battle, and then see it come back with Draven in its claw. I'm not optimistic about the rest of his crew, but it looks like we've got someone else to save. We use two upscaled Invisibility spells along with a Locate Object (targeting Aramil's signet ring), and then head into the cave (using ropes to stay together).

Peering around the edge, we see a large harbor inside with five giant longships and 1 normal ship (possibly of elvish make?). A giant staircase of ice seems to lead up to a huge ice castle, and below that is a wide, bloodstained beach (covered with whale bones). We cut across the bay inside the harbor, up the beach, along the edges and up the ramp towards the castle.

Peck squeezes under a door on the ramp, and finds three people frozen solid against the wall (no one we know). With a combination of Wildshape, Polymorph, and Dimension Door, we're all able to make it through the door quietly. We replace the invisibility spells and pass through another door, narrowly evading an axe-wielding Giant sentry. He seems to hear us, but we're able to sneak past him and then flatten up against the wall.

We make it to a 4-way intersection, leading to a kitchen and various shut doors. With our options seemingly limited, we continue straight (following the locate spell) to a locked door.
Peck picks the lock, which attracts the attention of the giants inside (note to self - good time for a Silence spell). We decide that the time for stealth is past, and engage the pair of giants in the room. The fight seems to be going well, but their yells of pain are attracting further attention. I square my shoulders and prepare for a long fight.
Session: Did that iceberg move? - Wednesday, Dec 13 2017 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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