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So what does Igor find himself with after the long journey with his new friends?
  • Now able to synthesize an interesting hallucinogen, with amusing side-effects (note to self: work on variants in green, red, and purple)
  • Glass dust from Yvo's shard - need to explore any residual dimensional linkages
  • Lots of ideas for improving the Armor of Doom. With a little tinkering, it could provide a solid base for a sea/sky/space environmental suit!
  • A subject for experiments in mind-reading - send robot friend to harvest Tizoc's brain at earliest convenience.
  • Speaking of which: Investigate options to improve robot's mobility and armament... perhaps Reminal will grant me leave to take notes on Urb's cannon?
  • A promising new assistant! Once I get her up to speed (gen3 nanites; updated firmware), our productivity should increase exponentially.
  • Unfortunately, still no luck finding Father. Then again... who says he's still on this dimension. I'm sure Reminal would appreciate an extra hand around Urb.

Ahh... too many projects... too little time!
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Neo is free to pursue his own agenda. His "mother" has freed him from her collective. Also she has allowed Neo to join when he decides he wants to. Good. Since joining with Urb, all of my memories are recorded in his records, I no longer need to record them myself. I feel that our last adventure has melded me and Urb into a single vessel. Urb's completely changed to accommodate my needs and requirements. We have pretty much become one. This may be my last written record because Urb and I have many things to do and see, and we are not required to stay in this plane of existence. The others are free to do what they will, I have many more things to learn about Urb and the surrounding world. I am excited about the adventure Urb and I are about to embark on. Who knows maybe we'll be back. I hope the party will be healthy and successful in the future. Those that wish to come with us will be welcome. Those that wish to remain behind, I wish happiness and success. I must leave now, Urb and the adventure calls me.
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As I dress in the formal robes of the order for the first time in my life I am glad to have simply made it to this day. While in the enclave, I will keep my hood up to hide my identity. I am to keep my face hidden, my identity as a shadow of the order intact. With my limited ability to drawn from the energy of the world I will not show my true face in this robe even to my parents or sister as much as I might like. They too serve the order but in a vastly different way. It will be good to see them again, dressed in the common robes of the order, an opportunity I was denied on my last two trips to Qi.

Aside from being denied the pleasure of slashing open "Lucky" Jack's throat I could not be more pleased by the outcome of the past few days. While I had hoped to get close enough to Jack with the paralysis cypher it was satisfying to see Igor use the device and then watch Wee and Neo smash his skull and shatter his pelvis. Knowing that our actions blunted the efforts of the Continuum for the moment is all a shadow of the order can ask. To live to report is a bonus.

With the unfortunate demise of the Knight Captain the official account to the Order of the events that transpired falls to me. The Knight Captain shall not be denied his legacy, albeit there is nothing of his possessions, save for his hammer, to lie in state. He did much in revealing the intricacies of the Convergence's defenses of the Venerator.

When Erb jumped I was prepared for the worst. The news of a possible intruder, or perhaps infiltration by the Continuum, had me looking over my shoulder in the moments before we jumped into the pocket dimension that housed the Venerator. I was expecting more of an overwhelming mass of heretics for the Hammer to pummel between our jump point and the Venerator itself. When the Knight Captain led his squad to their premature demise it did at least reveal some of the challenges that lay ahead.

My companions performed admirably. I would, if asked, recommend there recruitment into the Order. We have need of a few glaives capable of initiative and planning beyond the sounding of the charge. If Reminal agrees it would give sanction to his bond with Erb, something the Order would be hard pressed to do anything about in any matter. Perhaps it would save Igor from a path of heresy as well. But that will be their choice.
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Pointer-left Urb

Revelations in the Cloud Crystal Skyfields.
Our heroes find a large open hatch leading to a cave of carved stone platforms and glowing green crystal alcoves. At the lowest platform lies Seth, a armored cylindrical core. The party finds neatly stacked piles of clothing and possessions nearby. After some quick looting them approach the core. Seth reaches out to Neo who she refers to as a "Sliver" of herself. She assumes control Neo and the party is broken when the weaker minded Killian and Wee are marched out of the cave by Seth while poking their own noses. Reminal is able to withstand the mind control and when Seth rejects Neo as weak she offers Reminal, who she veiws as "something", a deal.

Seth claims the Convergence has six of her "sliver" minds in a device called the Venerator. She states the Convergence is using several minds to power the black pyramid device in the attempt to harness the power of a red star placed in a pocket dimension as a power source. Seth claims the party can access the dimension via a doorway in the Convergences' Scorpion Sanctum, also located several miles away in the Cloud Crystal Skyfields. Bring her the 6 minds and she will free Neo from re-absorption.

The party also learns Old Jack is actually a senior member of the Convergence and head of this project. The little girl Wee keeps seeing is actually the daughter of the diplomat he was assigned to protect.

The party leaves heading towards the Scorpion Sanctum then thinks better of it. They warp to Qui instead and enlist the aid of the Order of truth. The Order supplies their best knight, the arrogant, Jad the Hammer. He and am ontourage of 10 knights board Urb and make ready to warp into the pocket dimension where the Venerator is kept.
Session: Sliver. - Wednesday, Sep 10 2014 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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With the Knight Captain I knew I must measure my words carefully. Standing looking at the lifeless body of the Ambassador’s daughter I thought it best to be honest and straight forward with him least my companions make an appearance and become a warm up for the carnage less than a day away. It was also vital that he know that doing so would likely place this potentially world saving operation on permanent hold.

I cleared my throat and spoke.

“Knight Captain, I think it is important that you know how we come to stand here today. I have brought this matter to the attention of the Order with some assistance. Of four associates, all of whom, perhaps unwittingly, have been assisting the Order up until this point; two through their own talents are now tied vitally into the success of this operation. One will enable the jump with sufficient accuracy to allow you and your troops to have greatest effect. A second is responsible for my, hence your, continued ability to interface with this structure. A third seems to be the key to an important secondary target.

These three are somewhere in this structure although I am not entirely certain where, they are my traveling companions, not my prisoners. I can request that they show themselves but given their importance to the task at hand I would offer the suggestion that they do so voluntarily least they be less favorably inclined to work on the behalf of the Order. For what it is worth they have largely gained my confidence and a degree of trust.

As to the fourth, in a way he is key to how I happened onto this place while conducting an investigation on behalf of the Order. Regrettably he does not seem to be on the fortress. In the course of my duties as the eyes and the ears of the Order I happened along this fourth, now absent, associate who had come into possession of a map. Knowing this person previously I deemed it in the best interest of the Order that I monitor this individual and managed to convince him and his two body guards, one of whom is now vital to the success of the jump, that I would like to travel with them.

Through pursuit of the map we came upon a merchant of some questionable repute by the name of Dracogen. Given his uncertain nature and potential threat to the work of the Order I set upon to gain his confidence with the help of my new associates. In turn in the pursuit of activity on Dracogen’s behalf in the course of vetting him as possible threat to the Order we came into possession of this fortress being, ‘Urb’. Dracogen had intended to use this fortresses former position as a trading post in the proximity of Werefall, although I suspect he had some knowledge of the true nature of this structure.

Knight Captain, I am telling you this because of the vital nature to the Order of the success of this current mission as well as bring to your attention several potential secondary targets that while not of the magnitude or the immediacy of a threat from the Convergence are still of great interest to the Order. The processing jars aside from containing the mind of the daughter of a friend of the Order of Truth may also contain that of my fourth companion. I believe I owe it to him to recover his body, such as it is, and if at all possible see it returned to his family.”
Session: Sliver. - Wednesday, Sep 10 2014 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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