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Friday July 12th Theurge Moon
Tonight I put on my chiefs feathers and walked the path of the Sept Alpha. This path will be hard but I will do service to Gaia and use the medicine she has given me to heal this land.

I traveled with two cubs that were at the Sept of the dancing tides Ahts and Amaroc who are wolf born and very close to being named Cliath. I would call them Cliath myself for their action were they of my Sept.

When we arrived I found two more cubs had come from the south at the request of Malcom the Glass walker half moon of our Sept, Apple who I think will be glass walker and Ivan a Cub who has the pure breed of a Shadowlord.

We Gathered at the over the moon Cafe as there were other Guests from dancing tides and it is not the way of our Caern totem to allow outsiders upon the bawn without strong reason.
I first went to the members of the Sept and told them to chose a chief to speak in council, If they were more acomplished I would name them eldest council but Gaia has brought me mostly cliath and it would be unwise for them to try and fill a role above their station.

Once my words reached all ears we gathered to investigate a local food bank that was causing the Bonegnawer kin to become sick and die. The Glass Walkers and Silver Fang Orel were charged with disabling security in the realm and did their job with honor.

The Bonegnawers were charged with keeping watch out side and one disobeyed, him I will need to teach,he has much to learn.

The Cubs I brought with me as there was no safer place than at my side. I was accompanied By the Alpha of our glass walker pack and along with cub Apple and cub Ivan. We were able to take the weaver-things that will help us track down our enemies. We performed a rite to cleanse the evil in the food with strong Medicine and then returned to the cafe. None were hurt, Gaia was with us.

I miss my pack and have even more respect for Takes the High Ground and Watches to worlds, where is charlie two shirts? I miss his voice and may have to search for him soon.
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Friday the 14th of June 2013 Theurge moon
The Diary of Pathfinder.

Friday the 14th 2013 Theurge moon

The first thing I notice is how the wind smells. I love the feeling of being in my wolf nature. It’s like removing a a pair of glasses with the wrong prescription, suddenly everything comes into focus but its not the sight that really makes a difference it’s the smells. When I’m a human I have this vague felling of what a smell is . It’s either a good smell or a bad smell; It makes me hungry or lets me know there is something I want to avoid. These man smells are basic though it’s like being able to tell that a car is blue but having no way to see if its aqua or cobalt or light blue. When I am my wolf self I can smell all this and more I know what is there how long it has been there and from where it came. I can look upon two identical twins and know them as completely separate.

So when I took on the Wolf tonight I knew that there was something I had to do there was the scent of need on the wind. As I ran through the umbral fields of what is and what was I drawn ever to this need and to the south. As I drew ever south the umbra became less distinct more blurry or cloudy if you would and found myself so beset by this grayness that I could no longer trust my eyes and would instead put faith in my snout. I became hopelessly turned around and finally just stopped moving as the need was now coming closer on its own. And then I heard a voice that called my name , not my human name or even my deed name but a name that was secret even to me but meant me in way no vowels and consonants could portray.

Per our agreement and an ancient pact I will not say what the Spirit and I discussed, I can say only that I was asked to help save something precious to Gaia no matter the cost.

I ran into the mist and as it cleared I found myself in the City of Tacoma facing a small eatery . The sign was written in some kind of script favored by the kin of Fianna but I remembered my pledge to the spirit and entered anyways, this time wearing my man skin.

Inside were a collection of Garou from the nation but none of them were my kin and I didn't know their names. I stood outside their circle for I was not made welcome at it and listened to what they were saying. They were wyrmbrinngers all and mostly Cliath and Fosterns from their speech. They were discussing a death and how it was of trouble to a local spirit and wanted to fix what was wrong. I held my voice as long as I could but they were not in balance and they spoke words of soft air. So I added where it was needed and tried to steer them towards action and answers.

Finally they found their ears and a plan was made to search the house of the dead one. I ordered only no moons should go first and to my surprise they accepted my words and did what I said. This must be what it feels like to be Takes the High ground or sister Illahee I thought.

The only other no moon was a Bone Gnawer so I took him with me, but he was afraid of the umbra so I trusted him even less than normal. We found her home and I was able to find quickly that she was connected to the enemy. I took her herbs so that I could use them to cleanse. When the others arrived I found myself wary and returned to the umbra where I found to other Bone Gnawers, as I was once again in wolf form I gave them wolfs greetings and tried to identify them so I would know them but they carried strange scents, One smelled of Bacon and the other Pemmican or Jerky as the usurpers say. Found there company calming. There was also a Shadow Lord with them.

I remembered my charge and spoke to him with strong words about how the sept was in chaos and that a people scattered cannot accomplish what a tribe together can.

After much talk the Sept was brought together and the Shadow lord called to be Sept leader but I was filled with my purpose and challenged him. A young Law speaker of the Glass Walkers set the challenge and now I prepare myself for a challenge never imagined. Gaia…. What If I win?
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