Verbobonc Dark
605 CY
The King Failed to Return....

  • Verbobonc fell in 600 CY with the destruction of the last defense (Lanced Battalion) and the death of Kennus.
  • Verbobonc is ruled by the evil tyrant Podrick.
  • No weapon is allowed to be carried within the city (punishable by death).
  • A strict curfew is in place.
  • A organized resistance called "The Brass Rings" has been operating within the city walls in open rebellion against the tyrant rule. The faction is formed of: acolytes of St. Cuthbert, followers of Olidammara, members of the Scarlet Guild (local thieves/assassins guild), and Rangers of the Gnarly Wood (Rangers of the South). Safe houses and ambushes are marked by an "O". Members use a brass ring (of a sort) as the primary identifier.
(The following is:
From The Fellowship and the Crow)

Return of the King
604 CY
Sunsebb 15
Oerth is in chaos.
Verbobonc has fallen.
The Cathedral of St. Cuthbert has been destroyed.
The tyrant Podrick has declared himself King.
A huge blue dragon raids the surrounding lands.

A small band of Rangers, mercenaries, and the remains of the Lance Battalion (led by the aging Tormand) have banned together in open rebellion to protect the lands to the south.

The world waits for a savior to unite the good world against evil...

Who will save the world?

As the group heads to the moat house outside of Hommlet, a sinister fog surrounds them and transports them to the haunted land of Sourange. They fight their way back to the known world 15 years later. What to do now?

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Journey to the Cloister
Readying 8
The group succumbs to exhaustion and sleeps during the day under cover of the Gnarley Wood.

Readying 9
They set out after dusk to travel to the cloister.
Attacked on the road by a scimitar-wielding werewolf and his henchmen wolves.
The group finds a dispatch with the seak of the spider queen:
Patrol the East
<Spider Queen Symbol>

The group arrives at the cloister and is greeted by a squad of URAK Orcs.
They find another dispatch:

Hold the cloister
Reinforcements will be arriving on Readying 12
<Spider Queen Symbol>

What to do with this information?
Session: Episode 19 - Wednesday, Dec 12 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Tags: Recap
Worse than I thought...
Well it may just be worse than I thought. The road clearly shows a wider track than 20 feet. The estimates of 2000 Heavy Foot are off by a factor of three times upward. We're looking at a full legion of soldiery. Verbobonc cannot support that many soldiers, and I don't see a baggage train to feed them either. Orcs are well known to eat anything.

A giant on the road, not subject to a mage's sleep spell and packs of riding wolves showing up on the roads. We need to slip the noose closing in. I hadn't wanted to head overland but the roads seem to be cut off.

To top it off, Baldomero the Sanctimonious Rascal is starting to make some sense. By Olidammara, it IS worse than I thought.
Session: Episode 18 - Wednesday, Dec 05 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Tags: escape , Giant , road
There is one body
But it is made of many parts.
When we are all
We make one body.
And we become all.
As it is now with this ragtag team I've fallen to
We are now one.
A core with many parts:
Fey magic-user with his whispers of slumberous influence,
His slinky all knowing puss;
Bitter brigand with his sneaking dual blades of death.
And of course education through my own flying feet of grace.
All while grunt manikin weekly phases in and out of our temporal plane-
All is one.
Session: Episode 18 - Wednesday, Dec 05 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Valley of the Hill Giant
Readying 8

After walking along the south road all night the group welcomes morning. They decide to keep moving south, heading towards the cloister.
They run into a group of goblin scouts mounted on dire wolves.
Orlen saves the day with several sleep spells.
Later in the morning, they are confronted by a hill giant blocking the road and demanding a toll.
Session: Episode 18 - Wednesday, Dec 05 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Tags: Recap
His word
has been heard again
As an echo through the wood
A retort against the thunder
Of a Million orcish hoofs.
Let us heed
becoming one with it
And we will be the Unvanquished!
Session: Episode 17 - Wednesday, Nov 14 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:30 AM
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