Verbobonc Dark
605 CY
The King Failed to Return....

  • Verbobonc fell in 600 CY with the destruction of the last defense (Lanced Battalion) and the death of Kennus.
  • Verbobonc is ruled by the evil tyrant Podrick.
  • No weapon is allowed to be carried within the city (punishable by death).
  • A strict curfew is in place.
  • A organized resistance called "The Brass Rings" has been operating within the city walls in open rebellion against the tyrant rule. The faction is formed of: acolytes of St. Cuthbert, followers of Olidammara, members of the Scarlet Guild (local thieves/assassins guild), and Rangers of the Gnarly Wood (Rangers of the South). Safe houses and ambushes are marked by an "O". Members use a brass ring (of a sort) as the primary identifier.
(The following is:
From The Fellowship and the Crow)

Return of the King
604 CY
Sunsebb 15
Oerth is in chaos.
Verbobonc has fallen.
The Cathedral of St. Cuthbert has been destroyed.
The tyrant Podrick has declared himself King.
A huge blue dragon raids the surrounding lands.

A small band of Rangers, mercenaries, and the remains of the Lance Battalion (led by the aging Tormand) have banned together in open rebellion to protect the lands to the south.

The world waits for a savior to unite the good world against evil...

Who will save the world?

As the group heads to the moat house outside of Hommlet, a sinister fog surrounds them and transports them to the haunted land of Sourange. They fight their way back to the known world 15 years later. What to do now?

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At the Temple of....
Day 3 Continued.
At the Temple of ....
The group starts to bring down the horses and supplies.
4 hours pass
They are visited by the "Spirit" of Amun-Re who tells a story of banishment.
The group discusses what to do.

Enter through the temple double doors
Golden door room
Orlen casts READ MAGIC

do not disturb the vanquished one
he is the treasure that must be kept

Search the rest of the temple
Examine golden doors
Sun rises

Day 4
Nothing special happens during the day
Night time
The group heads back to the golden doors
Orlen casts a knock spell on the door to open it

50' Statues
3 curtains
And something in the back of it
Mole casts detect magic and confirm
Macross falls to the first trap and is frozen solid
Orlen trips the 2nd trap
Orlen uses phase door and grabs the oil lamp
The seal is broken and the lamp polished
Orlen releases Pasha the Efreeti
"I am Pasha who has been imprisoned for 1000 years. I will unleah my revenge on the realm!"
They leave the temple and thaw out Macross
Head back to the Obelisk
After 9 hours of travel, the sun rises and they rest

Day 5

Comprehend Languages on the Obelisk

Here lies the road of the kings to the garden city of Pazwhilstest there lies the road to Terbakar keeper of the pyramid

Travel 12 hours towards the pyramid
Attacked by DustDiggers
Make Camp

Day 6
Wake up
Night time
Nothing happens during Night
10 hours of travel to the pyramid
Acid rain overtakes the group
They are at the foot of the pyramid
Session: Episode 27 - Wednesday, Feb 13 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Tags: Recap
Genie in the lamp...
Macross cringed as the genie raced out the door. It was kind of rude, actually, after having been freed from a thousand years of imprisonment he hadn’t even said, “Thank you,” but had just raced off bragging about destruction and revenge. No good was going to come of it. Macross could see it now, a formal invitation from the King of Evil Genies arriving for him at the New Cathedral of Saint Cuthbert in Verbobonc to celebrate his coronation. He’d probably get RSVP’d next to the bitch Queen herself.

He’d just blame it on Baldomero. No one would even raise an eyebrow.

Session: Episode 26 - Wednesday, Feb 06 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Tags: escape , Genie
Old Thieves’ Tale
“Sometimes you need to be more careful and creative to survive,” said Talon. Macross looked at the old Guildsman curiously. “Take these magic users for example. Somehow when one casts a spell it ripples out through the ether and allows another a chance to react instinctively and interfere.”

“Could we do that?”

“No. Reading a scroll is one thing. Counter spelling is a Mages’ thing. Of course, when they are busy with it, you should be busy, too. When they are distracted, finish them off. Nothing works to your advantage like killing enemy mages. Except for keeping friendly ones alive. But that’s a story for another day.”
Session: Episode 26 - Wednesday, Feb 06 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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In the Desert Wasteland
Day 2 (Continued)
Night time
Group heads out after day rest
A herd of worm-like sand surfing animals passes by north of the group.
One of the horses pulling a wagon is attacked by a creature hiding in the sand.
The wagon is in need of repair.

Day 3
The group comes to a buried obilisk that is pointing right and has strange writing on it.
Fork in the road.
They make camp
Orlen casts charm person on Ragnar.

The group heads out towards the right of the fork.
They come to a half-buried statue. Macross tries to read the writing on the stone tablet. The sand gives way and they discover a buried temple.
5 Large Tarantulas almost TPK the party.

Writing on the Obelisk
__ __ __ __ of the Kings __ __ __ __ __ Pazar __ there lies __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Writing on the statue Tablet
__ name __ __ __ ruins __ __ __ __ __ city __ __ __ __ __ magic __ __ was __ __ see __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Ragnar XP total: 1175
Session: Episode 26 - Wednesday, Feb 06 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Tags: Recap
Remain positive and upbeat.
Macross' thoughts drifted to a social function he had attended in Verbobonc an eternity ago. The new guru that was all the rage in town was some sort of positive thinker charlatan. "If you remain positive and upbeat you will only draw positive and upbeat people to you." Well clearly there was a flaw in the thinking. If I only think of sex and perverted girls at the Women's Divinities College next to the Cathedral of Verbobonc, did that mean I would attract precisely those sort of girls to me? I think not. By Oliddamara and Cuthbert's Cudgel we left 6000 gold pieces behind in the frozen North where we aren't likely to back again. Of course, if I just think of more money, then it will come my way.

Macross disciplined his mind and his thoughts. This adventure was about to heat up and he needed all his attention on the task at hand. Exploring lost ruins was ALWAYS dangerous and tedious. What made it worthwhile was the magic and gold you sometimes found. This time, he'd have an epic chance to make some history.

Somehow, the thoughts of treasure made him positive and upbeat!
Session: Episode 25 - Wednesday, Jan 30 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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