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entry 5
Let’s see, where to begin: So we got this letter and things about how Plaguetongue was going to take over the world and we decided that we needed to save the world and to do that we had to get a bunch of people. So we went to get a bunch of shield dwarfs for our army and left with a caravan. With us were 2 traders and 2 guards who didn’t look like much until an ogre showed up and one of the guards, Vance Dance took it out with a single arrow. I was impressed I must say, but not as much as Dair and Stephenette who tried to bone him. Dair succeeded and Stephenette made me barf and dazed me and I tried to poo in the bushes and almost pood on Dair and Vance Dance.

When we got to the dwarf settlement, we learned that there was a horrible being on the loose named Chodelick who stole faces. After talking to the leader of the dwarfs Thorlek Durragsson, we learned that the only way he would help us save the world was if he won a brewing competition against werewolves and suggested that we sabotage their brew. Thorlek Durragsson makes me sick. If I were him, I would join just for the glory of battle.

We made our way to the werewolves’ home and posed as travelers in hopes of getting close to the brew so stephenette could poison it. When that didn’t work, we told the leader and brew master Oliver Silvermane the truth and asked that in order to save the world that he should throw the competition. After some deliberation he said that he would not throw the competition but that his clan would join us.

We went back to Thorlek Durragsson and told him what happened. He was disappointed with us and said he would still only join if he won. I told him what I thought of him and left. I spent most of the night looking for Chodelick. At one point I saw the beasts’ shadow and lost him then yelled that Chodelick was here and the people ran out to see only me and they thought I was Chodelick for some reason but a cleric cleared my name. Then later I came across a new victim and I gave him parchment and he sketched the beast with the words “uh oh”.

A few days later the competition started and Thorlek Durragsson actually won so he agreed to help us. It turned out to be a successful couple weeks with around 200 dwarven warriors and 60 werewolves in our army. Some crazy “druid” came in and told us to save the forest from some gnomes making siege weapons so that might be our next step in a long journey to stop the creature we created.
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It started with a letter
After receiving a letter stating Plaguetongue's intentions, we decided to venture to Thorzor to acquire a Dwarven army. On the way, we rode a caravan with two Traders and two Guards. One guard, the handsome Vance Dance, and I made sweet sweet bush love..
Jari tried to poo on us..and missed.
At Thorzor, Vance and I said our goodbyes. I will miss him.

We learn of a Chodelick by Pete The Dwarf who terrorizes the village. He sneaks in and steals faces when the Dwarves are sleeping. Jari said he saw him, I am not too sure.

Time passes and we made our way to the Werewolf Brewery. Apparently if we sabotage the werewolves into losing the Brew competition then the Dwarves will help us in our fight against Plaguetongue's army. But the werewolves don't comply and instead tell us they will, too, accompany our fight. We feel a bit victorious and make our way back to Thorzor to meet with the Dwarves.

I think Thorlek is a bit upset when we tell him we just couldn't get the werewolves to forfeit. But all is well when they win the competition and agree to join our army!

We make our way back home after a long, boring trip and visit Borin the cleric. We tell him of our plan and he seems please.

Later, at the tavern a dirty-looking man with twig-ridden dreadlocks asks for our help.
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