The Dread Star Xel'Naran once again wakes and seeks to touch the word of Anaran. Its creeping gaze falls upon the unlikeliest of mortals. Can they discover what fate has in store for them in time, or will the alien influence of Xel'Naran forever change the world?

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More Blood Spilled From the Chalice
Now that we have a moment to rest, I am glad we cleared out the dungeons beneath the castle. The fey here were up to some strange stuff, if the walking crystal casket we ran into was any indication. This strange apparatus had a dead, moldering body at it's heart, and whoever, they were as crazy as a pet kobold. Apparently, it decided that it could make immortal slaves or companions or whatever by hacking up bodies and replacing them with pieces of artifice, mechanical devices no doubt animated by magic. Probably a good thing I cracked the crystal and burned the body inside. I am afraid we will never get the stink of dead bodies and oil out of the dungeon, though...

WHAT...THE...FUCK. This thing was cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

A few days later, and who shows up but the Ebon Chalice. No doubt they had learned of our plans and location, and came in force to try and eliminate us. Well, this was our island now, and we made sure they had a far less friendly landing. Some of the ancient magic scrolls we found in the castle came in handy, especially when I dropped a storm of meteors on one group, collapsed the cliff they came up, and sank their ship in a hail of fiery death. It was pretty satisfying.


So was the battle against that stupid brute Nethanel and the bitch Cyndain. She may be Abaddon's daughter, but I'm the blood of fucking Levistus, and blood will tell. I sent what was left of her screaming back to Hell, and was glad to see her go. I figure I will have to look her up some day, and finish our little encounter. Ha!
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Guess what? Legion! And a crazy guy/robot/thing.
After clearing out the dragon, and marveling in the treasure they 'acquired', the group finished clearing out their new castle. The dungeons will stocked with undead, as usual. After taking care of their unwanted boarders, Silas found something. He found a hidden hallway leading to a hidden room where a skeleton in a crystal casket connect to strange clockwork limbs was talking to a dead body on a slab in front of him.

"Now my friend, we'll get you fixed up right, yes we will," it said in a strangely lilting, happy voice.

Melech, maybe because he was a sold of kindred spirit, maybe because he was just as nuts, was able to distract him by talking about his clockwork creations while they all moved in the room and prepared to strike. It was over relatively quickly, though the reliquary blasted the group with powerful spells, they were able to overcome.

They had several days of peace at the castle before they spotted red sails in the distance. Because Melech can't let them have nice things Silas and Shava quickly picked out the flags of the Order of the Ebon Chalice.

A smaller ship came to the side of the island where the PCs had originally landed but despite a significant landing force the group casually destroyed them to a man, and the ship they can from too just for good measure.

The remaining ships forced their way into the harbor, triggering the ancient wards guarding the place. Elementals, such as water wierds and ice myrmidons, and golems and other bound servitors met the onrushing Legion. After clearing out a group the broke through the defenses they spotted a massive hald-demonhalf-ogre. Melech recognized him as Nethanel, Lord Admiral of the 3rd Legion. With him were several deamon and a pair of hell hounds, as well as a fiendish woman with purple flames in her eye sockets. Cyndain, Daughter of Abbadon. They say she has her father's eyes...

A tough fight ensured, with Nethanel tearing into the parts, his massive blade light as a razor in his oversize hands, pounding left and right. Cyndain, aloof and cruel, used her formidable magic to bring ruin and chaos to the group. It was a tough fight with the PCs barely coming out on top in the end. Melech, using his new blade, Ebonwraith, was able to rip off a chunk of Cyndain's soul before she escaped, greatly weakening her. With their commanders dead the Legionnaires moral broke and the defenses of the fey castle quickly overwhelmed and destroyed them.
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You know whats worse than...
You know whats worse than a dragon? A dragon who thinks she is a big shot Ice queen. Whats worse than that? Pretty boy sorcerers. What makes them all better? The Ice queen dragon bitch and her pretty boy toy, dead at out feet. The awesome meal really made the fight better. I finally convinced Yalen I knew what the fuck I was talking about when it came to wine and ale combination with foods. Though I got to admit he knows his sauces. I get a feeling there are more things to deal with here. Time for another meal.
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Hell yes, dragons love me.
I knew it, I'm so awesome even dragons wanr to keep me around. Unfortunately, there's no way I'm getting attached to anyone, no matter how awesome her tits may be. She does have some good taste, if I do say so myself, but like most women just got too clingy.

We did find a set of fairies serving dinner, which was delicious and healing! Gwen joined in and I must say, her extensive knowledge of wine and ale pairings dwarfed even the presumably quite old fairies' palletes. Her suggestions changed a merely delicious meal into something fit for a king! We both feel one shouldn't go into battle with an empty stomach, and that really came in handy for the dragon battle.

Well, after the massacre in the dragon's chambers we found a bunch of loot and I have to say that I'm really disappointed. That dragon seemed like such a patron of the arts, but didn't bother to keep any cursed treasure around? Is it really so much to ask that Storm's poison-curing totem could actually cause a magical blight in people around it or that Melech's sword could talk to him, promising power for evil acts? We're working pretty quickly toward solving the world's problems, we need some new villains to show us THE TRUE MEANING OF FEAR or something!
Man, a second ballad about Sorm going rogue and trying to fry the rest of the party with lightning while they band together to try to stop their recently-turned-evil friend would be even better than this one! I should suggest the idea to him.
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Epic × 2!
The Call of the Black Sword
Our exploration of the frozen castle took us to a dining room where tiny fae offered up food and drink, and more than a few of my companions decided to stop and indulge their appetites. While I am certainly open to indulgence, apparently they didn't realize the danger of accepting food from faeries without question! Storm was at least wise enough to continue scouting with me, and the rest of my friends were lucky enough to get nothing more than the meal they bargained for.

It almost turned out to be our last meal. The great double doors we had found led into a truly massive throne room where a woman in winter finery sat atop an icy throne. She was no woman though - I could tell that right off. This was the dragon. That's not to say she wasn't attractive in her human guise, and under other circumstances I certainly would have made certain...propositions...

When they go from this...

But dragons are generally on my list of creatures to avoid having intimate relations with. Really, any creature that can eat you without compunctions after sharing their bed is just right out. Even the thri-kreen queen was not that cold-blooded. At least with non-insect humanoids. And really, we never consummated any sort of intimate relationship. Just some scented oils and massage. Amazing how shiny her exoskeleton got...but I digress. The dragon was a big no from this tiefling! Besides, she was interested in Ziggy Tightpants! That shows a singular lack of taste in my humble opinion, choosing a waifish bard over a manly specimen such as myself! The insult could not stand. this, sexy fun time is over.

So we began to fight in earnest. I made sure to steer clear, letting Dozer take most of the hits while I unleashed blasts of hellfire. Hurling half a dozen bolts at once, I managed to burn her again and again. The death blossom, I call it. I finished her once and for all with twin lances of hellfire-infused force, burning her eyes out of her skull. I would have called it a waste, but dragons are just too dangerous to keep around. Besides...TREASURE!

Among all the gold, the jewels, and the obscene wealth was something far more precious. I could practically hear it calling me: Ebonwraith. It was a khopesh, black as night, dotted with stars. I could feel its malign intelligence, its hunger. And I knew that it was mine! The blade may be evil. Some consider me evil, based on my heritage and my choices. But I know that it can be bent to my will. The black blade is mine...

Time for some fun!
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